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You reap what you sow is not just an old wives' tale but an actual universal law and truth. I'll help you make good karma!

Born with keen intuition, have always sensed spirits, and these gifts became stronger after a near-death experience. I've been reading tarot cards for 25 years since I first picked them up. I've helped friends, family, and clients along their life path with my clear, concise, intuitive tarot readings. Ask any question you have whether it be a career question or a question about love and relationships. I'm here to help you! The way I conduct my readings is that I ask your first name and date of birth. If there are others that you're asking about, I will also need their first names and dates of birth. I start off with a question and then focus on it during the free time. It usually takes me about a minute to connect and start giving the context of the situation, answers, and guidance. My clients have commented that my readings are accurate but that sometimes my time frames are a little far out. When I give a time frame it means that is the latest date that something will come about. Sometimes it's hard to have patience and wait until the reading is fulfilled. Therefore, I ask that you keep that in mind when leaving me a rating. You may want to wait until the time frame is up, and then give a rating. If you have any questions for me about how I do readings, or anything in general, I will answer you. However, I do not do readings by email. Hope to hear from you soon, so that I can help you!

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Formerly Psychic Sunshyne on Kasamba with a 5* rating with over 3,000 clients. I've been an empathicTarot reader for over 25 years. I've recently come into physical union with my Twin Flame. I can share insights with you on how you can get into union with yours!


Lifelong learner; Doctorate degree; Twin Flame

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